December 31, 2020

8 pm – Praying for Our Nation

By dlmorris

(Note: This “chunk” of the story line is longer than the others. The basic idea is although God set Israel apart as a chosen nation and gave them His laws and eventually a king, they still could not keep their responsibilities of the Covenant. Nevertheless, God kept His promise to judge and bless them because of and despite their sinful hearts.)

Share & Discuss: The accounts of the Exodus, the giving of the law, the Promised Land, the Exile, and the Return in the Old Testament found in the following sets:
Freedom Cries
God set His people apart
Hot and dusty 40 years
Into the Promised Land
Judges & Priests
Kings & the Kingdom Split
Listen to These Warnings
Make Yourself at Home
New Walls, New Temple, & reNewed Covenant

Extra Readings: Selections from Book III of the Psalms (Psalms 73–89).

Sing: God Bless America

Praise: Praise God we live in a country built on Christian principles and can freely worship Him. Praise Him for the examples He gave us in the history of Israel and His faithfulness to fulfill all His promises – then and now. Praise God for His mercy and grace.

Prayer: Pray for our leaders and the future of our nation. Pray we will remain “one nation under God”.

* You can find all the information for this evening of prayer @ website. Click on “Share” then scroll down to “1 Evening of Prayer”.