December 31, 2020

9 pm – Praying for the Church

By dlmorris

(Note: This is also a large chunk including the life of Jesus and the early church. The prayer focus is on the Church and persecuted Christians.)

Share & Discuss: The accounts of life of Jesus and the early Church from the Gospels, Acts, and other New Testament books found in the following sets:
One Special Baby
Parables & Miracles
Questioned & Crucified
Resurrection Law & Prophets Fulfilled
Sent to Share
The Holy Spirit & The Church
Unexpected Recipients
Violence spreads the Gospel

Extra Readings: Read about persecuted Christians around the world.

Sing: Jesus Loves Me, Because He Lives

Praise: Thank God for sacrificing His Son for our sins. Praise Him Jesus defeated death and is ALIVE! Thank Him for sending the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us.

Prayer: Pray for your local church and its leaders and for the Church to remain strong in the coming times.

Pray for Christians who are persecuted around the world for their belief in God. Pray for their safety and the safety of their families. Pray they will remain strong in their faith and their boldness to share God with others.

* You can find all the information for this evening of prayer @ website. Click on “Share” then scroll down to “1 Evening of Prayer”.