December 31, 2020

12 pm – Praying for the End Times & New Beginnings

By dlmorris

Share & Discuss: Review the story of the Bible from beginning to end using The Bible from “A Perfect Creation” to “Zion” poem for an easy to remember rhyme or whatever method works for you and your group. End with more emphasis and/or discussion on the account of the End Times from Revelation found in the following set:
Zion – A New Heaven & A New Earth

Extra Readings: Selections from Book V of the Psalms (Psalms 107-150)

Sing: Victory in Jesus, Amazing Grace


Praise God Jesus is returning. Praise Him for the new Heaven and the new earth where there is “no tear”,
and we’ll sing His praises for eternity!

Prayer: “Thy will be done”.

* You can find all the information for this evening of prayer @ website. Click on “Share” then scroll down to “1 Evening of Prayer”.