December 31, 2020

7 PM – Praying for Our Families

By dlmorris

Share & Discuss: The accounts of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, & Joseph from Genesis 10 – 50 found in the following sets:
Covenant Blessings
Daddy’s Boys
Egyptian Slaves

Extra Readings: Selections from Book II of the Psalms (Psalms 42-72).

Sing: Great is Thy Faithfulness

Praise: Thank God for His wiliness to take the punishment for your sins.

Thank God for your family and friends. Praise Him that, even though no individual or family is perfect, every family – even yours – can bring Him glory. (Remember Abraham’s family, the one though whom the Messiah came…?)

Prayer: Pray your family will bring God glory in 2021. Pray your family loves God more and is intentional about loving others and making disciples – among your own families member as well as others.

* You can find all the information for this evening of prayer @ website. Click on “Share” then scroll down to “1 Evening of Prayer”.