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Once you know the Bible, you will want to share it. The Bible even says "we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard" (ESV Acts 4:20), and Jesus actually commissioned every believer to share what He has taught them (Matt 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-20, Luke 24:47, Acts 1:8).

The Bible From A to Z divdies the 26 sets of Biblical accounts found on the Discover page into various groups to help you share in a specific timeframe or setting using Bible storying. Each group has it's own theme, such as sharing the 5 W's of Jesus during a week. Information will summarize important events and people, offer ideas to present the set, and more!

Check out the links below to see how The Bible From A to Z can help you share the Story in the specified time frame or setting

from A Perfect Creation
to Zion.

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1 Verse

Share the Bible with one verse. It's important enough to share every chance you get!

Jesus himself used these words to share the Good News with someone seeking the Truth one night.

Simply share John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

It does not get any more simple or complex than the Truth of this verse.

1 Conversation

Share the story in one conversation from A to Z while you visit with a friend or a new acquaintance. Focus is on before Chirst and after Christ.

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1 Evening of Prayer

Share the story in one evening with six different sets. Perfect for a New Year's Even party with a different prayer focus every hour from 6 pm until midnight.

Briefly share & discuss the accounts of Creation, the Fall, and the Flood from Genesis 1 - 9 found in the following sets:
A Perfect Creation
Bad Attitudes, a Big Boat, and Babbling Builders

Read: Selections from Book I of the Psalms (Psalms 1 - 41).

Sing: Amazing Grace

Praise: God created a perfect world in which mankind could be in His presence. Praise God simply for who He is. Thank Him for "forgiving us our trespasses" and making a way for us to to be in His presence for eternity through the blood of His Son, Jesus!

Prayer: Search your heart, and ask God to "cleanse you from all unrighteousness". If necessary, get right with others before this year ends.
Briefly share & discuss the accounts of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, & Joseph from Genesis 10 - 50 found in the following sets:
Covenant Blessings
Daddy's Boys
Egyptian Slaves

Read: Selections from Book II of the Psalms (Psalms 42-72).

Sing: Great is Thy Faithfulness

Praise: Thank God for His wiliness to take the punishment for your sins.
Thank Him for your family and friends. Praise Him that, even though no individual or family is perfect, every family - even yours - can bring Him glory. (Remember Abraham's family, the one though whom the Messiah came…?)

Prayer: Pray your family will bring God glory in 2021. Pray your family loves God more and is intentional about loving others and making disciples - among your own families member as well as others.
Briefly share & discuss the accounts of the Exodus, the giving of the law, the Promised Land, the Exile, and the Return in the Old Testament found in the following sets:
Freedom Cries
God set His people apart
Hot and dusty 40 years
Into the Promised Land
Judges & Priests
Kings & the Kingdom Split
Listen to These Warnings
Make Yourself at Home
New Walls, New Temple, & reNewed Covenant

(Note: This "chunk" of the story line is longer than the others. The basic idea is although God set Israel apart as a chosen nation and gave them His laws and eventually a king, they still could not keep their responsibilities of the Covenant. Nevertheless, God kept His promise to judge and bless them because of and despite their sinful hearts.)

Read: Selections from Book III of the Psalms (Psalms 73–89).

Sing: God Bless America

Praise: Praise God we live in a country built on Christian principles and can freely worship Him. Praise Him for the examples He gave us in the history of Israel and His faithfulness to fulfill all His promises - then and now. Praise God for His mercy and grace.

Prayer: Pray for our leaders and the future of our nation. Pray we will remain "one nation under God".
Briefly share & discuss the accounts of life of Jesus and the early Church from the Gospels, Acts, and other New Testament books found in the following sets:
One Special Baby
Parables & Miracles
Questioned & Crucified
Resurrection Law & Prophets Fulfilled
Sent to Share
The Holy Spirit & The Church
Unexpected Recipients
Violence spreads the Gospel
Note: This is also a large chunk including the life of Jesus and the early church. The prayer focus is on the Church and persecuted Christians.

Read: Read about persecuted Christians around the world.

Sing: Jesus Loves Me, Because He Lives

Praise: Thank God for sacrificing His Son for our sins. Praise Him Jesus defeated death and is ALIVE! Thank Him for sending the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us.

Prayer: Pray for your local church and its leaders and for the Church to remain strong in the coming times.

Pray for Christians who are persecuted around the world for their belief in God. Pray for their safety and the safety of their families. Pray they will remain strong in their faith and their boldness to share God with others.
Briefly share & discuss truths from the New Testament found in the following set:
Writings to Instruct
X Out the Old
Read: Selections from Book IV of the Psalms (Psalms 90–106).

Sing: I Love to Tell the Story

Praise: Thank God for the Bible and the role it plays in our lives. Praise Him for giving us new life in Christ. Praise Him we get to share the Good News with others as we bring Him glory through making disciples.

Prayer: Pray the Good News will be known around the world. Pray for believers who do not have a Bible and those who help others receive a Bible.

Pray for those who do not know and love Christ but believe the lies of this world. Pray God will reveal Himself to them and their lives will be transformed as they come to know the One True God.
Briefly share & discuss truths from the New Testament found in the following sets:
You Have Hope

Reflect: Testimonies of God's grace and God's work in your life, especially over the last year

Sing: 10,000 Reasons, Psalms 103

Praise: Thank God we have Hope as we toil in the "already but not yet". Praise Him Christians know what our futures hold because we know who holds our future. Praise God for what He has in store for 2021!

Prayer: Pray for God's guidance in your life over the coming year. Pray you will love Him more and desire to spend more time with Him. Pray He will help you be more intentional about sharing Christ and making disciples.
Commit: Pray a prayer of commitment to what God is calling you to this year. Pray for wisdom, boldness, and perseverance to carry it through.
Briefly share & discuss the account of the End Times from Revelation found in the following set:
Zion - A New Heaven & A New Earth

Read: Selections from Book V of the Psalms (Psalms 107-150)

Sing: Victory in Jesus, Amazing Grace

Praise: Praise God Jesus is returning. Praise Him for the new Heaven and the new earth where there is "no tear", and we'll sing His praises for eternity!

Prayer: "Thy will be done" in 2021 and always...

1 Weekend

Share the story over the course of a weekend with 3 sets of groups centered around getting to the Promised Land, living in the Promised Land, and the Promised Messiah. Perfect for a weekend retreat.

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1 Week

Share the story in a week as you answer the 5 W's about Jesus - one for each weekday. Perfect for Bible clubs, VBS, mission trips, etc..

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1 Month

Share the story over a month with 4 sets, one for each week: the Covenant, living in Canaan, the Christ, and the Church.

Coming Soon

1 Year - Jan Start

Start the year off right as you share the story month-by-month with sets arranaged to coordinate with annual holidays. (Can start any time.)

Coming Soon

1 Year - School Year

Celebrate with the seaons as you share the story throughout the school year. (Can start any time.)

Coming Soon

1 Year by Week

Share the story in a weekly Bible study. Each set covers approximately 2 weeks.

Coming Soon

1 Year by Day

Share the story day-by-day througout the year.

Coming Soon

1 Book

Share the story using the book of Psalms.

Coming Soon

1 Chapter @ a Time

Dig in deep as you share the story one chapter at a time. Perfect for daily or family Bible study times.

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