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The Bible

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The Bible from A to Z uses the English alphabet to help you easily learn and share the Bible from beginning to end using chronolocial Bible storying.

from A Perfect Creation
to Zion.

The ABC's

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A perfect creation till sin entered through man
But One is coming, redemption His plan.

Big boat God provided when He judged mankind
Babbling builders’ homelands reassigned.

Christ, Canaan, children, blessings on all nations
God takes man’s punishment for Covenant violations.

Daddy’s boys with a favorite each round
But only through one will a Savior be crowned.

Egyptian slaves they became to their dismay
But Salvation was planned all along the way.

Freedom cries heard by the great I AM
Salvation in the blood of the Passover Lamb.

God set His people apart with His commands
To dwell with them Emmanuel in His plan.

Hot and dusty in the desert 40 years
Brought His Ways into focus through trials and tears.

Into the Promised Land, victory a fail
Only Christ will truly prevail.

Judges and priestss rescued from oppression
Their duties and roles of Christ’s works an expression.

Kings came, and kings went, and the Kingdom was split
“Look, the Messiah!” many did predict.

Listen to the warnings: repent or lament
But never despair, a Savior would be sent.

Make yourselves at home in a foreign land
Trust He will bring you back to the Promised Land.

New temple, new walls, renewed covenant
Watching and waiting till Messiah is sent.

One Special Baby was born, the angels did sing
the Promised One, Foretold One, One Eternal King.

Parables, miracles and forgiveness He gave
To love God, love others is the best way to behave.

Questioned, betrayed, and crucified
The sacrificial lamb for us He died.

Resurrection Law & Prophets Fulfilled
The Promise & Mystery gloriously revealed.

Sent to share, make disciples is His Commission
Followers from every tongue is the mission.

Tongues of fire brought the Spirit into His people to dwell
Making the Church His living temple as well.

Unexpected recipients followed The Way
Their passion and boldness led to growth each day.

Violence and persecution continued to be
Spreading the Good News across land and sea.

Writings to instruct go from man to man
Truth, Perseverance, He's coming Again.

X out the old a call to transform
Living like Him, a life reborn.

You have Hope, Your Future is Set
As we toil in the Already But Not Just Yet.

Zion – a new heaven and earth with God as the King
In His eternal presence His praises we'll sing.