The Bible from A to Z

The Bible from A to Z

About The Bible From A to Z

I grew up in church as the saying goes. I went twice on Sunday and most every Wednesday. I knew all the “stories” and all the Sunday School answers. Nevertheless, I was grown before I put together that Moses had to go get the Hebrews out of Egypt because Joseph brought them to Egypt in the first place.

I know, I know. You're probably thinking, “No way! How did she miss that? That's the whole point of the Bible.” Well, I did. I flat out missed the fact that the Bible is one cohesive account from the beginning of time to the very last day of eternity (which will never happen!). Don't get me wrong. I knew it all talked about God and His people. I just never realized how each account connected to and continued the previous account.

It was even later when I realized every account points to Jesus. In fact, I am still learning how each and every chapter of the Bible reveals more and more about Him. It's amazing! He's there from Genesis chapter 1 to Revelation chapter 22. (Yes, we'll cover that on The Bible From to A to Z.)

As I pondered this new-found connection one day, it dawned on me the main characters or objects in each of the first couple chapters of Genesis all started with A, B, C - Adam, Boat, & Covenant. That got me wondering if I could use the whole alphabet to share the Bible. Turns out, the ABC's first perfectly from Adam to Zion, Genesis to Revelation! The fact the Bible goes from Adam to Zion lends inself to using the ABC's and chronology Bible storying to share the Bible.

I worked on these ABC's for several years, using them at church, on a mission trip, for a summer reading program at the library, and even our own family Bible study - adding new ideas like a verse for each letter, a way to share them in different time frames, etc all the time. I will admit, I changed the name of the project several times. I thought “The ABC's of the Bible” was pretty straight forward, and then maybe I should use “HiStory from A to Z” because it's “His story”. I most recently tossed around “One Story”, but I was leery of using “story” because of the connotation of story with fairy tale or lie. I defiantly don't want to portray the Bible as a fairy tale or a lie. (Notice the word “account” sounds more factual than “story”.)

Despite all the name changes, the purpose never changed – to share God's Word, the Bible, from beginning to end (Discover) so people would have a better understanding of the Bible and love it even more (Learn), and then share it with others (Share). The purpose of the Bible will never change either - God is working out His plan to redeem a fallen world.

Our part in His plan is to share the message of redemption with the fallen world. I pray this project helps you discover that Truth, learn it, and share it with others

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to Zion.