December 24, 2020

You Have Hope

By dlmorris

YOU HAVE HOPE! By the grace of God, we all have hope through the blood of Christ and only through the blood of Christ.

God spent a couple thousand years setting the stage for Jesus. He showed the need for forgiveness in the Garden. He showed the reality of judgement during the flood. He gave the promise of blessings in the Covenant. He revealed the need for salvation in Egypt. He foreshadowed Christ’s work at Mt. Siani, and continued to reveal details through the judges, the prophets, and the kings of Israel and Judah.

Then He sent HIM! And they missed Him…….? They had been looking for years for the Messiah. They had been looking and watching for Him since the beginning of time. All hope lay in Him. And they missed Him…… They even killed Him.

But glory to God, He’s alive, and he’s coming back! We have the same hope as those before Christ. Forgiveness, Judgement, Salvation, and Blessings are coming! God has foreshadowed the way it will happen once again in His Word. We have HOPE. Jesus is coming!!! Hallelujah!

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