December 23, 2020

X Out the Old

By dlmorris

That “old man”, he’s so tough. He just won’t let go and leave us alone it seems. That old self before Christ just hangs on for dear life. It sneaks back in when you least expect it. It’s too strong for us. We can’t overcome it alone.

The “old man”, our old sinful self, causes us so much trouble it seems we’d be more than glad to get rid of it as God Word tell us. Besides, if God said it, we can know it’s for our good.

Thankfully, His Word also says He will help us transform into a new person. It’s only through continuous focus on Him – worship – that we can accomplish the task. Christmas offers so many opportunities to focus on Christ and God’s Word. What better gift for God, the people around us, and ourselves than a reborn self, alive in Christ, focused on Christ and living for Christ – a life transformed by the power of God.

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