September 20, 2020

Into the Promised Land

By dlmorris

Just like He promised, God brought His people into the Land He promised to give them and gave it to them. He does the same for us – He always keeps His promises. The people kept their promise to worship Him alone too…..until.

Until the leaders who had experienced God first-hand all died… Until they no longer had the influence of someone who “knew” God…

The book of Joshua chronicles the story of a people devoted to God and following His ways. Yes, they messed up. Check out the stories of Achan and the Gibeonites @ Set I on The Bible from A to Z website. The difference is they repented, sought God’s guidance, and “started over”.

Then consider the tribes that did not completely remove all the Canaanites from their section of the Promise Land. They struggled for the remainder of their time in the Promised Land with the consequences of not completely following God’s command and ultimately suffered the curses of the Covenant.

Do you completely follow God’s command? What blessings do you miss out on because you don’t? What do you suffer because you don’t? Who else suffers because you do not fully know God and keep His commands?

It is so easy to see when others, such as the children of Israel, fail to completely follow God. Let’s not be another example. Instead, let’s strive to follow their initial examples of repentance, seeking Him, and following His guidance when we do fail. We and those after us will reap the blessings.