December 30, 2020

Bring in the New Year with Prayer

By dlmorris

Someone sent me a gif image yesterday in a text message asking, “Does anyone else feel troubled by the fact that the name of the next year is literally 2020-won?” Uhh….hmmm….

Well, 2020 may think it has won, but I have read the end of the Book. God wins. Therefore, I can think of no better way to send this year out and bring in the next than on our knees in prayer and praise, and can help.

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  • Our Families
  • Our Nation
  • The Church
  • The World
  • The End Times & New Beginnings

The focus of each email progresses though the story line of the Bible from A Perfect Creation to Zion with selected Biblical accounts to share and discuss, as well as suggested Psalms, a song, and prayer and praise prompts.

We hope you will join us as we bring it in on our knees for there is no better way to stand.

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